Key Information

Sundays10:00 am to about 11:30

1250 Vondelpark Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80907



Feel free to email Pastor John if you have any questions at all, or call 719.598.8501


No matter where you are in your spiritual walk, you are welcome.

As You Are

Come as you are. No specific attire required. Dress down, dress up, dress comfortable. It's up to you. People from different backgrounds, cultures, and faith traditions have mentioned how welcomed and comfortable they felt at Springs Journey. There is no pressure, and no judgment. There’s always fresh coffee, and you can grab a bagel as well. We are happy to have you visit!


Our Goal

Our goal as we arrive for service, is an exciting expectation to connect with God and others, and that your time with us will leave you blessed, enriched, and encouraged.

What Our Services Look Like

We start with lively contemporary worship music. We lower the lights and sing one or two songs at the beginning of service, to help people begin to engage in worship and focus their attention on God.

We'll have a few minutes of "family business" in the guise of announcements. Just highlights of things happening in and around our church to encourage everyone to dig further into things and ministries they're interested in.

The teaching/sermon will then begin. Generally presented by our Senior Pastor John Serio, and occasionally a lay leader or guest speaker. Be assured that the person teaching has spent a significant amount of time preparing and praying about the topic they're speaking on, and it will be biblically based.

Last, we generally close with a song and perhaps an opportunity to respond to the message or for personal prayer. We keep our lights low for this part so it's easier to think about and focus on God and not those around us. If you don't know the songs or don't like to sing, this is a great time to think about what you just heard the pastor speak on. Don't feel as if you have to join in, but when you're comfortable, we hope you do! Sometimes it's good to just read the lyrics on the screen and think about the words of the songs. Think about what they mean to you. Do they apply to your life, or the way you view God? Can you sing them honestly? How you answer these questions may affect whether or not you want to join in. Some people just prefer to pray during the music time - that's ok, too. We try to choose songs that help us reflect on the teaching and help us respond to God, based on what we just learned while the pastor was talking.

Yes, we take an offering. No, you don't have to give. If you're visiting, we don't expect you to participate in this "family business" at all! This is the time when those of us who call Springs Journey Church "home" can give back to God and his work. Just pass the plate on to the person next to you - that's all we ask!

You can also check out one of our services on our Media page.